Spit Crackle Strobe by Celtic Fireworks - 64 Shots in 70 Seconds

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Perfect for smaller spaces and younger audiences.

One of the best value fireworks available.

We selected this product because it has everything you could wish for in an 8 metre safety distance aerial firework and at 70 seconds it's a great duration.

The spit bursts are really interesting to watch. They are designed to shoot the stars out of one end of the unit but you never know which way each will shoot so the shapes formed in the sky are really attractive. 

There is a well thought out progression from colour to crackle effects which ideally suits a younger audience and the spit effect has just enough power to eject the stars, but not the powerful breaks seen in other barrages.

We thoroughly recommend this one.

Firing Pattern: Straight Up

Safety Distance: 8 metres

Haz Class: 1.4G

Largest Tube Size: 16mm

Powder Weight: 268g

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