How To - Set Up and Fire Roman Candle Batteries

Celtic Fireworks Bom Bom Roman Candle Battery
  • Read the section of our site ‘How To - Give Your Own Firework Display’ for general safety information.
  • Read all the instructions on the firework in daylight and make sure you have everything you need prior to set up. Don’t forget to include a torch on your list.
  • Look up to make sure there are no overhead obstructions and around you to make sure that there are no buildings, trees, or other similar structures in the vicinity of the display site.
  • Roman candle batteries will often require burying up to a specified mark in a suitable non-flammable material such as sand. This is to ensure that the firework will not fall over.
  • It is a good idea to slightly angle the firework away from the audience.
  • Make sure you have a safe and clear route to where you will stand once the firework is lit.
  • When you are ready to light the firework remove the protective fuse covering and, if necessary, straighten the fuse. Standing sideways, light the tip of the fuse at arm’s length and retire to the specified distance on the label. The fuse must meet a specified delay time allowing you sufficient time to retire to a safe distance.
  • It is common for there to be a delay when batteries start. This is caused by the fuse running down the tube taking a few seconds to reach the first lift charge.
  • Do not attempt to relight a failed roman candle battery. Leave for at least 15 minutes and then pour water down the tubes. Leave until the tubes are thoroughly soaked and then dispose of it.
Do not attempt to modify the firework or the way it is fused.

Do not hold a roman candle battery when it is firing.


We hope that you have a nice, fine evening to fire your display but as we all know it’s best to be prepared. When we do professional displays we will always waterproof fireworks so that they can function properly. There is nothing worse than having to cancel a display because the fireworks have been affected by a rain shower.

Prepare well in advance.

You will need:

A table to rest the fireworks on.

Cling film

A sharp knife

Bright Post it notes


  • Locate and free the fuse from under its protective cover.
  • Place a Post-it note under the fuse so that the fuse is clearly visible against the bright background of the Post-it note.
  • Wrap the firework in a layer of cling film ensuring that the base is well sealed to prevent water seeping up the bottom of the battery from contact with the ground. It may be necessary to use some tape to hold it in place but take care not to cover up the fuse.
  • Just prior to lighting the firework remove the cling film covering the fuse.
If you are interested in the science behind Roman Candle Batteries please take a look at our How To Hub Information.