How To - Use the Ignite Firing System

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IGNITE is a reusable wireless fireworks firing system designed to shoot fireworks from your phone or tablet. Using the Ignite App you can control up to six IGNITE i18 modules for a total of 108 cues.

Connect the IGNITE Igniter to the firework's fuse, plug it into the module, and use the app to manually press buttons or automate your show with one press of a button to optional music.

Get the App on Google Play 

Amazon Fire and other mobile devices that don't officially integrate the Google Play store are not currently compatible with IGNITE.

Download on the Apple App Store

Below is a video library guiding you through the IGNITE Firing System. 

Introduction to IGNITE

Pairing Modules

My Fireworks

Connecting Clip-on Igniters

Free Shoot

Creating a show

Adding music to your shows

Preparing your show

Firing your show