Silent But Deadly by Celtic Fireworks - 169 Shots in 95 Seconds

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Celtic's biggest quiet barrage!

A really well thought out quiet barrage firing 195 shots lasting 100 seconds with a terrific variety of effects. Crackling tails with red, green and white glitter mines, a double effect of a Z pattern of red, green, orange and white glitter mines with the matching effect gently bursting above. V firing spit effect, where the stars are ejected from one end of the unit, of deep gold to green and purple. Next up is V firing green tails to multi-coloured falling leaves followed by V firing red tails to red spit strobe and silver fish. A really interesting Z firing section of effects which resemble single shot mine and comet but firing in the sky! The display finale is a volley of silver serpents to crackling flowers

Firing Pattern: Mixed

Safety Distance: 25 metres

Haz Class: 1.3G

Largest Tube Size: 30mm

Powder Weight: 1000g

Product Dimensions: TBA


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