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HEXPack250 - Display - Mixed Pattern Firing

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Ideal for families or small groups; we have put together a selection of fireworks suitable for a larger space with width. The fireworks in this pack require a minimum 25 metre safety distance and has a duration of at least 5 minutes when fired consecutively.

Price if purchased separately: £298.44   Pack price: £250

We have included a variety of fireworks that are easy to set up and will provide an impressive display from start to finish for friends and family.

Pack contents:


1 x 50 Shots - Euphoria
1 x 54 Shots - Hysteria
1 x 63 Shots - Garden Party
1 x 64 Shots - Spit Crackle Strobe
1 x 49 Shots - Fork Candles
1 x 30 Shots - Triple Blaze

1 x 49 Shots - Razzle Dazzle


2 x Large Gold Sparklers (pack of 5)
1 x Portfires (pack of 5)

Please note content may vary from image shown.

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