HEXPack1000 Display Pro - Straight Up Firing

HEXPack1000 Display Pro - Straight Up Firing

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The HEXPack1000 Display Pro - Straight Up Firing has a duration of at least 15 minutes when fired consecutively with many items in pairs to give your display greater intensity.

We've taken time to carefully select a group of fireworks that can be used at a display site where there is insufficient space for fanned fireworks. 

Our HEXPack Display packs are designed to be modular. This pack can be used as the basis for your display. You then have the flexibility to add more Single Ignition Barrages, Roman Candles, Rockets or Fountains or even fired in pairs for greater impact.

In this way the final display will be bespoke to you.    

Price if purchased separately: £1227.14.

Pack Price: £1000          Delivery: FREE

Straight Up Firing: By this we mean that the fireworks all fire vertically with no fanned effects. Ideal where space either side of the display site is limited. You must ensure that you have a suitable fall out area for your display and at least 25 metres to the audience from the nearest firework.  

We have included a variety of firework types to make sure your display is kept exciting for your audience all the way through to the end. We have included some great finale barrages which gives you the flexibility to design your own display. 

Pack contents:


4 x Raptor Rockets - type dependent on availability
1 x Pack of 5 Battalion rockets
1 x Pack of 4 Double Act rockets


2 x 20 Shot Steel Tigers
3 x 20 Shot Tick Tock Boom
2 x 25 Shot Purple Passion
2 x 25 Shot War on Mars
3 x 49 Shot Deep Space
2 x 49 Shot Razzle Dazzle
1 x 50 Shot Lucifer's Revenge
2 x 71 Shot Fusion Point
1 x 80 Shot Quantum
3 x 80 Shot Satan's Polar Battle
2 x 81 Shot Hob Goblin
2 x 100 Shot Claymore

Roman Candle Batteries:

3 x 56 Shot Wap

3 x 128 Shot Bom Bom 


3 x Stalagmite


2 x Pack of 5 Portfires
1 x Rocket Launch tube

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