#HEXHERO coffee Damp Squib decaf 250g

#HEXHero Coffee - Damp Squib DECAF

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Damp Squib Decaf - Decaffeinated coffee

Don’t be mislead by the name!

Decaffeinated or 'decaf' coffee is long thought of as the Ugly Duckling of the coffee world. Over the years some companies have used chemical solvents to remove the caffeine from poor quality beans. Not at HEX. Our Damp Squib is a desirable and delicious, water processed, decaffeinated coffee made with beans carefully sourced from Central America.

Decaf is popular for health kicks such as detoxing and purchased loyally by expectant Mums or for general late afternoon/evening drinking. As UK coffee shops are now challenging the local pubs to be the chosen evening hangout in the community, demand is ever increasing.

Caffeine Blast: 0/10

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