Hasta La Vista Baby by Celtic Fireworks - 119 Shots in 80 Seconds

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Professional quality, mixed firing pattern.

This single ignition barrage starts with a sweep of coloured comets with an under layer of silver strobing stars then straight firing silver crackling chrysanthemum bursts with coloured stars. Next are gorgeous gold brocade fronds red stars and green rising tails to silver brocade and purple stars.

The firing pattern changes to V shaped; green tails rising bursting into gold brocade and bright red strobing stars, back to straight firing for bursts of silver willow in combination with coloured stars. Some more silver brocade with stars before changing to blue stars and silver fish. Fish are about the size of a match which dart about the sky when they burn. A really unique effect.

As we reach the finale of the barrage we are treated to sweep and fans of willow effects before a final hit of crackle. 

Phew - That's a lot of firework for one box!

Firing Pattern: Mixed

Safety Distance: 25 metres

Haz Class: 1.3G

Largest Tube Size: 30mm

Powder Weight: 2000g

Product Dimensions: TBA

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