Excelsior by Black Cat Fireworks - 186 Shots in 107 Seconds

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A mixed firing pattern compound. Light one fuse and watch the show unfold.

No worries about burying this new concept in firework design, just place on a flat surface, light the fuse, and be amazed. Fanned silver comets trace a "Z" in the skies with coloured stars, brocade comets then deliver beautiful brocade shellbursts. Silver spinners follow with dragon chrysanthemums and crackle mines. A flurry of coloured shellbursts turn to artistic "V" fired comets in green and purple crackling splendour that lead to a finale of brocade shellbursts.

Firing Pattern: Mixed

Safety Distance: 25 metres

Haz Class: 1.4G

Largest Tube Size: 16/20/30mm 

Powder Weight: 1580g

Product Dimensions: TBA

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