Introducing Our Fireworks

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At HEX we have used our display experience to source from well established suppliers of consumer fireworks and have thought about what we would like to see in a professional display. By doing this we believe we can offer the best colours and effects whilst drawing on our suppliers’ years of experience providing some of the best consumer fireworks available.

Each product page gives a description of the product, useful technical information and a video of the firework so that you can see how it performs.

If you require additional information or would like to ask a question, please do get in touch via our contact page or give us a call on 01462 817640. It would be great to hear from you.

Quiet Fireworks

Our collection of quiet fireworks comprises a selection of lower noise fireworks. We have single ignition barrages, roman candles and fountains. This variety allows you to build up an exciting display but without the loud bangs.

Single Ignition Barrages

If you like the idea of lighting one fuse, walking away and then watching a display single ignition barrages are the firework to go for. They can be used individually as a ‘simple to set up’ display or used to help build a bigger display. They are often used in professional displays and if budget and space allow, try firing in pairs for extra high impact.

Barrage Packs

Barrage packs provide a ready made selection of single ignition barrages. They have been put together by the supplier to offer a good variety of effects and can either be used as the basis for a display on their own or be used to help build up a larger display.


We sell ready-made selections of rockets which are suitable for 8 metre and 25 metre safety distances as well as individual premium German-made Raptor rockets. Don’t forget to add a launch tube when you order these.

Selection Packs

If you are looking for the widest selection of fireworks, then look no further than our selection packs. They include small single ignition barrages, roman candles, fountains and wheel. Perfect for a family garden display they offer a good a duration, excellent value for money and great fun.

Roman Candle Batteries

Our roman candle batteries are several roman candles fused to fire together. This results in a high shot count over a shorter duration, usually 25 seconds. If you have the budget and space, they are effective fired in a V formation. They are widely used in this way in professional display to give a high impact, wide ‘front’ to a display.


For a change of pace and to give your audience a new effect choose a fountain. Seeing the sparks erupt at ground level provides a nice break from more noisy fireworks and means that the audience is treated to a different, softer effect. Some fountains can be powerful. Sending out a stream of coloured stars in addition to the gold or silver sparks. The bigger fountains also produce crackling sparks which dance around with a distinctive snapping sound.


A family favourite the sparkler is one of the simplest yet most attractive of fireworks. They must not be used by under 5’s but older children and adults still marvel at the sparks produced as the sparkler burns down. The sparks fly off the wire and branch beautifully.

Gender Reveal

If you want a novel way to inform friends and family about the gender of your baby, then choose our gender reveal single ignition barrages. We supply pink or blue barrages with a variety of effects included. Light the fuse and watch their reaction as the gender is revealed to everyone at the same time. A really, magic moment.

Safety and Accessories

As professional technicians we take our safety on site seriously and with this in mind we made sure that a range of safety items is available to purchase. In addition to gloves and goggles we also sell portfires. These produce a jet of flame which lasts approximately 3 minutes and are used to help light the fireworks. Some companies still hand fire their displays and this is what they use to light the fireworks as well.

We also offer some accessories to aid setting up your display, such as rocket tubes.

If you need any further information or advice, please get in touch and we’d love to be able to help.