HEX Fireworks was born out of necessity. Team HEX have been firing professional displays for many years, but that work came to an abrupt halt as Covid-19 struck the U.K. We have used our knowledge and passion for fireworks to build HEX Fireworks and continued our dedication to great customer service. Learn a little more about our #strivetosurvive in this section.

Fireworks and Pets

Whilst we enjoy the spectacle of fireworks, we recognise that some of our furry friends struggle when fireworks are going off. The Fireworks and Pets section gives practical advice and includes a video from The Blue Cross animal charity to help calm pets.

Delivery Information

We offer several delivery options and further information is provided in this section.

Collection Point

We love to meet our customers, when we can, so we have created a Collection Point on the farm where we are based. We value your safety when collecting from a busy working farm so please take a moment to read this section if you are planning on collecting your order. We look forward to seeing you soon.

It’s not ‘Rocket ‘Science’…Well actually, this page is!

Seeing a rocket ignite, followed by the distinctive whoosh of launch is always a magic moment in a display, well it is for us. But how does a rocket work? If you would like to know more this section is all about the history and science behind rockets.

‘When in Rome…build a Roman Candle Battery

Watching a roman candle battery firing all those coloured balls of light or bright tails looks amazing, but how does it work? This section looks at the construction of the roman candle battery showing what goes on inside. So next time you see one firing, you’ll appreciate how they are made.