‘How To’ Library

If you are new to fireworks, and especially if you are charged with organising a firework event, there can be a lot to learn and consider. You can access a lot of valuable information here at our 'How To' Library.

The first section How To – Give Your Own Firework Display outlines the rules to follow before and during your display. For event organisers there is a link to further reading which goes into greater depth.

The second section How To – Design a Firework Display explores the different firework types and how they are used by designers to create scenes and tempo in a display. This section should give you the inspiration to go and plan your own unique displays, letting your creativity flourish.

When making purchases of fireworks there are several factors to be taken into account. Therefore our ‘How To’ Hub explores each type of firework and goes through the process of set up, firing and how to waterproof correctly. There is nothing worse than a rain shower spoiling your display.

To access this information please click on the relevant link below:

How To – Set Up and Fire Rockets

How To – Set Up and Fire Roman Candle Batteries

How To - Set Up and Fire Barrages

Modern technology has evolved so that you can now design your display like a professional and fire it from your mobile or tablet using a wireless system. You can make the set up as complex or as simple as you want to. It allows you to stand back and watch your complete display or simply use the system to fire individual fireworks remotely. We have written an in-depth page with links to instructional videos.

How To - Use the Ignite Firing System