How Do Fireworks Work?

Have you ever wondered how the different types of fireworks work? 

This section gives you a little bit of an insight into the science behind your fireworks. 

It’s not ‘Rocket ‘Science’…Well actually, this page is!

Seeing a rocket ignite, followed by the distinctive whoosh of launch is always a magic moment in a display, well it is for us. But how does a rocket work? If you would like to know more this section is all about the history and science behind rockets.

‘When in Rome…build a Roman Candle Battery

Watching a roman candle battery firing all those coloured balls of light or bright tails looks amazing, but how does it work? This section looks at the construction of the roman candle battery showing what goes on inside. So next time you see one firing, you’ll appreciate how they are made.

They’re Not MIBs – They’re SIBs (Single Ignition Barrages)

Single ignition barrages are a relatively modern invention in the history of fireworks. Their introduction revolutionised the way fireworks developed and brought about significant change, not only in the way fireworks are constructed, but also the variety of effects and firing patterns that are now available to the professional and consumer alike.